Presentation Topics

Spike does not charge a speaking fee. He merely asks that expenses be covered. If an honorarium is offered, it is gratefully accepted.

List of talks

All my astronomy talks are very visual, with lots of beautiful photographs, images, and animations from NASA and other sources. Each one contrasts the Biblical model of creation with naturalistic origins models, showing how the secular models all fail to account for what we see in the cosmos. Instead, the heavens declare the glory of God.

The talks are:

Our Created Solar System
This presentation goes planet-by-planet through our Solar System, showing how each of the planets (along with many of their moons) uniquely contradicts the best secular origins models.

Our Created Stars & Galaxies
This presentation shows how secular models fail to account for the origin of stars and galaxies — essentially, the contents of the entire Universe. Instead, the heavens demonstrate the glory of our Creator.

Our Created Universe
This presentation debunks Big Bang cosmology. It shows why the Big Bang model fails scientifically, and discusses the dangers of compromising our view of Scripture in order to accept it (which many Christians are doing today).

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
This is a one-talk overview of the material in the three talks described above.

Our Goldilocks Cosmos
Did the Universe form in a random, unguided Big Bang event? Or is it instead the work of a Designer? This talk discusses many ways in which the cosmos is fine-tuned for us, showing plainly the handiwork of our wonderful Creator (as Romans 1 says).

Distant Starlight and Biblical Creation
We see stars and galaxies that are so far away, it seems that their light would need a long time to get here—in some cases, up to billions of years. Many people have asked how this can be so, if the heavens and Earth were created merely thousands of years ago. This talk shows how this seemingly straightforward question relies on multiple assumptions being true—and at least some of them are false. Furthermore, it is not Biblical Creation which is disproved by distant starlight. It turns out that the Big Bang model has a fatal ‘light travel time’ problem of its own. The vastness of the cosmos does not disprove the Bible–instead, it supports the glory of our Creator.

Other talks:

Biology Confirms Biblical Creation
What does biology—the study of life—tell us about our origins? Among secular scientists today, the majority opinion is neo-Darwinism; that life evolves from natural selection of mutations. This presentation gives an overview of this model, and then shows why it’s impossible. Contrary to secular claims, biology confirms that we are descendants of Adam and Eve, who were supernaturally created thousands of years ago.

Defeating Atheism with Science
This shows Christians how to defend their faith against any scientific claim from an atheist, even without knowing the details of that particular claim—because science itself disproves atheism. Atheism, when taken to its logical conclusion, denies the fundamental assumptions and requirements of science. Therefore, if science is a valid method of discovering the truth about the Universe, then atheism must be false (while conversely, the Bible provides a solid foundation for scientific discovery).

Creation and the Bible
Many people say that the creation vs. evolution controversy is unnecessarily divisive, and that it is a relatively unimportant issue that is best avoided by Christians. Despite this claim, the Biblical doctrine of creation is foundational to the truth of the Gospel itself. To compromise on this issue is to elevate the opinions of fallible scientists above the authority of the Word of God.

Dinosaurs and the Bible
Do dinosaurs support the secular chronology of millions of years of evolution? Or are they consistent with Biblical creation instead? How do dinosaurs “fit” into the Bible? This talk answers these questions. [This talk is suitable for all ages, and is an especially popular choice when some or all of the audience is young.]

Evidence for a Global Flood
Does the Earth’s geologic record contain evidence for millions of years of history? Or were all the layers deposited recently in a global Flood? This talk shows how the flood described in Genesis chapters 6 and 7 is the best explanation for the layers we see in the Earth, and the fossils that they contain.

The Rising Tide of Atheism
This talk begins by (forcefully) presenting many claims being made by atheists today, discrediting Christianity. It then debunks all these claims. The primary point of the talk is this: many anti-Christian claims sound persuasive, and can seem overwhelming, until you hear the rest of the story. The audience (especially younger people) are urged to remember this, if/when they are later confronted with (seemingly) powerful atheistic arguments.

The Earth, The Universe, and a Young Creation
This talk discusses a variety of dating methods in geology and astronomy: not only those which are claimed to prove “old” ages for the Earth (and other planets), but also many methods which support young ages instead. The emphasis is on equipping the audience to understand the necessary assumptions that are behind *all* dating methods, and how to assess the reliability of contingent conclusions that are presented as fact.