(Whose fault is all this, anyway?)

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Hello, I'm Spike Psarris.

For a number of years, I worked as an engineer in the U.S. military space program. I went into that career as an atheist and committed evolutionist. By the time I left, I had become a creationist and a Christian.

The transformation happened in that order. First I became a creationist, because of overwhelming evidence against secular origins models, and supporting the truth of the Bible. Afterwards, I became a Christian.

I mention this because in the creation-evolution debate, you often hear the claim (from atheists) that Christians are creationists merely because the Bible requires us to be. Supposedly, if we could look at science objectively (without being blinded by our faith), we would see all the evidence for the Big Bang, billions of years of cosmic evolution, and then millions of years of biological evolution on Earth, and so on.

That claim is false. I’m one of many people in the creation movement who became creationists first, because of the evidence. Then we became Christians later.

That evidence can be found throughout the sciences. This website is dedicated to proclaiming it in the area of astronomy.

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