September 13, 2021 spike

Do we live in an alien simulation?

My friend Eric Hovind of Creation Today hosts weekly creation webinars: hour-long sessions on specific topics.

He recently had me on as a guest, and our topic was “Do We Live in an Alien Simulation?” You can watch the interview below. A few notes:

  • Normally the first half-hour of each webinar is broadcast live over Facebook and YouTube, while the full event is reserved for Creation Today members. The video below contains the full hour, and you can watch it for free even if you’re not a member. Just ignore the part in the middle where Eric says good-bye to YouTube and Facebook viewers.
  • Some of our discussion overlaps the material in my third DVD (Our Created Universe), but even if you’re familiar with that video, there are also some new aspects that we discussed.
  • Yes, I need to learn how to be more animated on camera. And no, I don’t know what a “Creation Astronomist” is. 😁

Here’s the video: