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Reviews for Volume I, “Our Created Solar System”

Christian Book Distributors review

Review by Dean Andreola, CBD Homeschool Catalog Winter 2012, page A25

“If the heavens declare the glory of God, then it is certainly worth a trip to the heavens! Your family’s host for this space voyage is Spike Psarris, former engineer in the United States military space program. He began his career as an atheist, but research into the origins of the solar system brought him to Christ.

     “This museum-quality DVD offers some of the freshest and most compelling evidence for young-earth creationism your family will ever see. I had my notepad ready to jot down a few memorable quotes from the convenient onscreen text and summaries, till I realized I was simply transcribing it word for word. It’s that good!

     “You will visit each planet and its moons and learn what modern science knows about it. Considering the evolutionists’ very own talking points, you will be shocked to find just how much they don’t know about the planets and their origins. Since hard science clearly supports creation, evolutionists make up elaborate stories to explain away their unsupported theories. For example, science fact (as evolutionists see it) tells them that Neptune should be twice as old as the solar system. It also tells them that much of the solar system should not exist at all. Yet, here we are! Then how do they account for these planets apart from Creator God?

     “Mr. Psarris enlightens us with hundreds of NASA photos, movies, animations, and examples taken right out of the headlines of the world’s most prestigious science journals. His logical arguments for biblical creation are so crystal clear that even young children will glean much from a single viewing. Since the DVD offers chapter divisions, I recommend follow-up lessons focusing on one planet per lesson, allowing time for narration and discussion. Your children will learn that even the fiery volcanoes of distant Io and the tail of a lonely comet can speak to the glory of our God!

     “I can’t wait for Volume 2.”

The Old Schoolhouse review

Product review by Maggi Beardsley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2011

     “Who or what created the solar system? That is just one of the questions Mr. Psarris addresses in this DVD... Do you wonder what the heavens say about God? Well, this video has a lot to say about that.

     “Mr. Psarris was an engineer in the United States' military space program. He entered as an atheist and left as a creationist. The pictures are crisp and beautiful to look at. Mr. Psarris provides some basic information about each of the planets for those who need a review. He quotes from scientists. You can read the quotes as he reads them. He then unpacks the quotes. It seems that as he explains how evidence doesn't support the theories, even more evolutionary theories unravel.

     “My science-minded middle-schooler loved this DVD. He felt that Mr. Psarris presented a lot of great information. After viewing the video, my son felt better equipped to answer his peers who believe humanity evolved from something instead of originating from Someone... The more scientific explanations I have for those who doubt God's creation, the more credible my arguments for Creation will be.

     “If you are wondering, or if you have friends who wonder, whether the planets came from tiny particles spontaneously gathering together, this video will give you something to think about.”

Other reviews

“I have watched your DVD. Overall, I'm very pleased with it — it is well researched and presented.”

Danny Faulkner, Ph.D. (Astronomy)
University of South Carolina
Author of Universe by Design

“Thanks for the look at your creation astronomy video. It's helpful and straightforward… I hope that your work is useful to many.”

Don DeYoung, Ph.D. (Physics), Chairman of the Science and Mathematics Dept., Grace College
President of the Creation Research Society
Faculty at Institute for Creation Research
Author of Discovery of Design, Astronomy and the Bible, and many other books

“I love this program!! It's very consistent with my research and my thinking on the solar system.”

Wayne Spencer, M.S. (Physics)
Publisher of Creation Answers
Author of The Origin and History of the Solar System, and Our Solar System: Balancing Biblical and Scientific Considerations

“I'm delighted to say that it was watched by several of our staff scientists and they loved it. We would definitely like to stock and sell it worldwide.”

Dr. Carl Wieland
Managing Director, Creation Ministries International (Australia)
Founding Editor, Creation magazine

“The sheer weight of evidence for Creation presented in this video is astounding... I really appreciate that this video incorporates recent discoveries in space and clearly delineates what these discoveries mean to the study of science. Again, again, and again discoveries clearly support creation...
     “Children will LOVE this video... Although my family watched the video in one setting the first time, we are now viewing the video segment by segment to better study and understand the material. I fully expect my ten-year old to begin incorporating these evidences for creation in his daily rhetoric. This is one of the few videos I do not mind hearing, ‘Can we watch it again, Mom?’”

Jennifer Butler
Homeschooling mom and Director of a Classical Conversations homeschool community in Chattanooga, TN
Read the full review here

“Our Created Solar system is an excellent dvd for the whole family. Spike Psarris takes us on a wonder-filled tour of our universe...The breath-taking visuals and thorough examination of scientific evidence make this an excellent resource...
     “Once you have watched this video with your family you will look into the sky with new eyes. You will see above you many, tiny, twinkling testaments to our Creator.”

Lynn Long
Homeschooling mom
(Read the full review by clicking here and then selecting "By Lynn Long").

“You can see why I call this the best astronomy DVD ever made…[it's a] stunning video, there's great animation, Spike has a dry humor you'll just love.”

Bob Enyart, pastor of Denver Bible Church and host of Bob Enyart Live (

“I was totally impressed with your first Astronomy DVD.  Absolutely top grade and very compelling.  Keep up the great work.  Your efforts get multiplied over and over as we use these materials out here in the trenches!”

Joseph Calkins, M.D.

“My husband picked up your dvd on the planets in our church's bookstore and we think it is absolutely wonderful! We watch it quite a bit as it is very hard to find anything on dvd these days that are worthy of our time! I would like to be added to your email newsletter and we will be purchasing your other dvd's as finances dictates.”

Deborah Midkiff

“Hello Spike, Your dvd's are very well done with lots of great information that is easily understood by all ages. I will be promoting them at the museum. Keep up the great work. Thanks and may God bless you and yours greatly.” 

Harry Nibourg
Owner, Big Valley Creation Science Museum, Alberta, Canada

Reviews for Volume II, “Our Created Stars and Galaxies”

“Spike, you've done it again. We're stunned. We didn't think you could match the powerful message in your first video... But Our Created Stars and Galaxies is not only just as powerful, but this new DVD has even higher production value and is even more visually beautiful. May God bring Christians and atheists by the many thousands to enjoy this message from science and Scripture! Congratulations!”

Bob Enyart & Fred Williams
Hosts, Real Science Friday,

“In this second DVD subtitled Our Created Stars and Galaxies, Spike Psarris reviews contemporary astronomical ideas about how stars, galaxies and larger structures in the universe were formed.  He does an excellent job of reviewing top level contemporary ideas on the origin and evolution (aging) of the astronomical universe along with associated problems inherent in those ideas.  He combines a wonderful collection of astronomical photos and artist simulations with beautiful music and a fast moving script to tell the top level story for the lay viewer.  Using quotes from many books, journal articles and experts he also brings out how tenuous and uncertain these contemporary naturalistic theories are even in the minds of secular scientists.  Near the end he comes back to our sun-earth system and points out how unique our sun is in the universe.  Finally he finishes with a wonderful collection of Biblical quotes highlighting both the divine origin and the purpose God had in creating the astronomical universe.  While we creationists certainly can't answer all the questions even we have about how God did things Mr. Psarris makes it wonderfully clear that neither need we fear the origin narratives of our secular, naturalistic colleague scientists.  We all walk by faith.  The only issue is, in whom do we trust—God and his word or our own conjecturing and guesswork.”

DVD Review by Tom Greene (PhD, Astronomy)

“Hi Spike, thank you so much for the two DVD's you sent me recently!  I had not been aware of your outstanding work prior to seeing these incredible videos.

“You do a masterful job in using the mainstream scientists' own words to expose that the currently accepted ideas on the origin of the solar system, as well as the stars and galaxies, are not serious scientific explanations at all.

“Instead, they are failed hypotheses, and so obviously so especially in light of the abundant observational data obtained through the space probes of the last 25 years.  Thanks for collecting and organizing all this material and presenting it in such a clear manner using such spectacular visuals.”

John Baumgardner, Ph.D (Geophysics and Space Physics), UCLA
Theoretical Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory

“Wow!  Astronomy II is superb.”

Joseph Calkins, M.D.

“Fantastic job!  Really impressed.  Beautiful and very informative.  Can't wait for Vol III.”

David Coppedge,
Team Lead system administrator on JPL’s international Cassini mission to Saturn

“We are so blessed by this DVD, we have ordered multiple copies to distribute to some of the folks we know who should see it.  It is an excellent production and we are sharing it with our church friends and with a college-age Bible study group that meets in our home, as well as other churches and local ministries.”

Jerry Crawford, Ph.D. (Physics)
Fort Lewis College

“Vol II arrived today (Thursday) and I watched it this evening.  Its logic is clear and persuasive; it is a visual treat; its message of Christian truth is commendable and powerful.  Vol I was a hard act to follow, but Vol II has surpassed Vol I.  You are unflappable and have very clear diction, a trait few scientists have.  Your pace is measured and delightful.  If such giants as CRS and Creation Moments and CMI promoted Vol I, I am certain Vol II is assured a place in the sun.”

Lloyd Anderson, Curator, 7 Wonders of Mount St. Helens Creation Museum

“Just wanted to say that Volume 2 was fantastic! Every time I watch it I end up crying at the end just to think how little we are and why God should care for mankind at all.  Everyone should see this video which completely eliminates the theory of evolution that is broadcast all over the airwaves by the big networks and science channels.  Volume 2 is true science and a master piece.”

David Cate

“First, great new video/dvd! You left no galactic / stellar evolutionary stone unturned!  I can barely wait for volume III.  Thanks for all the enormous amount of time and work you must have put into producing this beautiful work of science and artistic design.”

Christopher Chaney

“After watching Volume II of Creation Astronomy, I couldn't find the words to describe my impressions.

“To me your depiction of the Greatness of God and His amazing Love for us couldn't have been done in a better way. I was deeply moved in my soul throughout this video.  I even watched it many times over.  I believe that many will have a change of heart after watching this.

“I understand now your choosing of Psalm 19:1-4 at the end of each of your News Letters and videos.

“I will share this video to as many people I know. Hopefully in the future it will be available in other tongues (in my case in French...)”

François Boudreault

“Spike, I got the video today and I can only say that this is a spectacular presentation of science, as it should be, and Scripture, as it is.

“Thank you very much for doing such an incredible video. I was really impressed with the quality and amount of information you provide. Okay, I am ready for volume 3 now! :D”

Keith Barron

“My wife and I attended the presentation you made at the Bible Science Association meeting at The Master's College a couple of weeks ago, where I gladly picked up your galactic DVD (having bought your solar system DVD several months ago when they played it for us there).  As an amateur astronomer for 54 years now, suffice it for me to say that you have clearly done your homework brilliantly rather than passively settling for the usual confabulations that pass for factual understanding in this field, and so have earned my respect and gratitude for the service you provide to those who would otherwise be misled by the story-telling that is done in the name of "science" either out of false pride or for effect.”

Charles Faris M.D.

“Hi Spike,  I just finished Volume II-Stars and Galaxies.  Great job!  I had ordered 2 DVDs from you just a couple of days ago and they arrived quickly.  The information combined with the beauty of both (Volumes I & II) of the videos is a fabulous combination.”

Steve Flink

“Hi Spike,
“Newest DVD is fantastic, just an absolute pleasure to watch. I really admire your crystal clear facts and how thorough you are with your refutations, the way you just let the secular literature speak for itself, not to mention the way you show that the Bible so obviously and easily speaks for itself also. I'd like to officially put in my pre-order for volume 3! Keep up the good work mate, love it.”

Geoff English
Queensland, Australia

“Yesterday, a friend and I watched your new DVD. I was blown away by the beautiful pictures you used and the facts you presented. I only have one critique to an otherwise excellent video. I noticed a lot of the quotes you used were from before the 1990's. Evolutionists may use this as a point to attack your work, saying you use outdated quotes.

“Fortunately, your more recent quotes prove the same point as the older ones.

“One final question: Is there a prognosis for when we can expect your next DVD?”

Gert-Jan van Heugten
Eindhoven, Netherlands

“Loved the Astronomy video.  We are homeschoolers and my youngest daughter watches it over an over again.  Keep up the good work for the Glory of God.”

Kent Keller

“We absolutely loved the first video.  Not only informative but also humorous!  Ta-da-da-dum!!! Here comes another asteroid!

“I am a big fan of getting out the word about the truth of the Word and the scientific evidence to back God up!…  I can tell you that everyone who has watched it with me has been impressed.  I put your site on my links list and my wife and I have been waiting for video two like fantasy fans were waiting for the second Lord of the Rings movie to be released.”

Kimbal Binder
Youth Pastor and author

“Dear Spike,

“I have just watched the second DVD you have released ('Stars and Galaxies') ... and it is brilliant!

“It really was so well presented; very professional and an extremely high quality production. My genuine congratulations and thankfulness for your hard work and unique ministry.

“I am a founding member of our local Astronomy group, and always am personally challenged to lift their understandings beyond the parroted evolutionary belief.  Your work is greatly assisting me in this.

“Thank you for your continued work to reveal the glory of God in the cosmos. I really look forward to future presentations.”

Jeff Knight
Benalla, Australia

“My 9 year old son can't watch your DVD enough and I love the way the information is presented.  Thank you for your work and I do hope you can produce more DVDs soon.”

Karen Kornfeld

“We absolutely LOVE your dvd's!!! I was crying in one part where it is just so REAL. : ) This has a great way of showing how real God is.”

Teresa Loos


“Awesome video! As with the first one, even our 4-year old likes it. we all love it! Thanks for all the work you put into this project. ”

Anthony Lutz

“Hello Spike! I've received your new DVD today and wanted to tell you it is absolutely marvelous! I can't wait to show this one to my atheist friends too :) Thank you for putting this together!”

Luuk Steitner

“The film nearly had me in tears towards the end, and that is rare that a film does that to me. I much look forward to your 3rd volume, not forgetting to mention your newsletters too.”

David Moore

“Dear Spike,

“I have just watched the DVD. It is amazing.

“Very good presentation of the arguments and so many videos and images!

“It must have taken you an enormous effort to collect them and make the arrangements for using them.

“God bless you for that, because it is really glorifying the Lord.”

Sofia Avtzoglou
Thessaloniki, Greece

“Your first one is one of the more "watched" DVD's that I have.  My wife generally doesn't like space stuff, but she likes your DVD.”

Vern Hartz

“Holy cow what an awesome video!  I loved the first one but the second one, “Our Created Stars and Galaxies,” is beyond great!  The information is very useful and was presented in the perfect way.”

Russell Holmes

“G'day mate.  Loved both of your DVD's - in fact my wife and children and I cannot get enough.  Be encouraged as your work encourages us, our friends, family and members of our church.  We have also shown the first DVD to an evolutionist friend of ours who in the face of this truth is beginning to doubt his 'faith' in evolution. Be encouraged, your work is reaching people across the other side of the world here in Australia. May God uphold you, protect you, lead you and guide you.”

Stuart Passmore

“I watched the first DVD after attending a CMI seminar here. The DVD was mind boggling awesome. God bless you and the work you are doing. Friends of mine are going to the second meeting this morning and hopefully are able to pick up the second DVD.”

Peter Thrun

“This is the second DVD in the series entitled: "What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy." Many of you have watched Spike Psarris' first Video on Astronomy, "Our Created Solar System," and were given a wealth of information about how the universe declares the glory of God and how genuine scientific data corroborates the biblical record of creation.

“Now Spike Psarris has poured his passion for the biblical account of creation into a second Video presentation, applying his knowledge of science and astronomy to debunk evolutionary arguments so often encountered in our times.

“In this second Video presentation you will be treated to amazing pictures of stars and galaxies, and marvel once again at the infinite greatness of God. At a time when many are adopting the "old earth," evolutionary view of our universe, Spike Psarris presents a much needed corrective based upon solid science and a high view of Scripture.”

Tim Hegg, Pastor

“My wife and I have viewed both Volumes 1 and 2 and found them to be fascinating, informative and refreshing! Is it permissible to show my DVD's to a church audience? Also, there is a mention of Volume 3. When is that due to be released? My wife and I will pray that your DVD's have a positive impact in winning people to Christ and in strengthening the Christian faith of others.

“Thank you and God bless!”

Michael Welch
Port Orchard, WA

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